WASEI (formerly Wasei Hey! Go!) Punk from California di Lesmo, Italy.
For fans of Millencolin, No Use for a Name, Bodyjar
It was 2010 when a bunch of Milan hardcore veterans founded Stop’n’goes, a tribute to 90s punk.
After three years having fun on stage with covers, Nad Savarino, Danny Merlani and Lory Baggio decided to turn the band into a new original punk project, basing their music on melodies influenced by japanese sound and aesthetics.
So they started Wasei Hey! Go! in 2015 releasing the first single/video “Mud” included into the s/t EP (sold out), and in 2017 “For the human species” EP which includes two singles/vids “Japan Pavilion” and “Far away”.
They supported live bands like Authority Zero, the Bombpops, In Evil Hour, A Wilhelm Scream.
In 2017 they released “For the Human Species” EP and played at the Beach Stage of Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia, same day of Pennywise, Ignite and the Real McKenzies. Two videos/singles had been taken from that record: “Japan Pavilion” and “Far Away”.
In 2018 they will release a split on vinyl with the italian emo band Atlantic (with members of Jet Market, Thousand Oaks, To Kill), releasing four singles/vids: “Big Enough” , “Youloveme”, “Inner Demon” and “Rise and Fall” receiving good critics and thousands of plays.
Stefano Orlandi, the new guitar player, joined the band exactly on the release date of the vinyl.
In 2019 they toured Japan, Brazil and Europe.
Then… Lockdown! They wrote a lot of songs and recorded the best ten. The record had been recorded in Italy and mixed by Davi Pacote in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
The first single/video “Fingers Crossed”  had more than 26.000 plays on Spotify.
The second single will be out on december 21st 2022 and it’s called “Punk Police on my Back”.
It’s a song about the passion into music, about the commitment we’ve been putting into it since over 25 years, always feeling inadequate. About the constant search of the perfect song, about aging and the achievement of the awareness of being out of time, and nevermind about it.
The 3rd single, “Charles, me, and social distancing” will come alongside the new album, on april 14th 2023 with a new video, physical (vinyl and CD) and digitally worldwide.
“Vulgar Misplay of Burkett” -this the album title- will be released by Dr.Skap records (Germany)

WASEI are:
Nad Savarino – vocals/bass
Danny Merlani – vocals/guitar
Lory Baggio – drums
Stefano Orlandi – guitar/vocals